shree chakra

| धर्मॊ रक्षति रक्षक्षि |

Dazzling gateway to abundance, Sri Chakra hums with sacred geometry, a potent Vedic symbol of cosmic rhythm. "Sri," radiating prosperity, beckons, while "Yantra," the mystical instrument, channels divine energy. Nine interlocking triangles, flames ascending, rivers descending, embody the Divine Mother's power. Lotus blooms unfold within - sixteen petals of desire fulfilled, eight whispering of inner awakening. Five feminine waters dance with four fiery spirits, uniting in a star tetrahedron, a harmony of cosmic forces. Sri Yantra, more than symbol, is a portal. Gaze upon it, trace its lines, and let its wisdom guide you to cosmic harmony.

Our Vision

Preserving and transmitting this rich heritage to future generations becomes a sacred duty. Inspired by divine grace, our samithi has embarked on a mission to safeguard Sanatana Dharma. As a testament to our resolve, we are undertaking the construction of a magnificent temple dedicated to the three powerful Shakthi devathas: MahaKali, MahaLakshmi, and MahaSaraswathi. Envisioned as a sacred space radiating their collective blessings, the temple will also house a majestic SriChakra mounted on a Tortoise within a single wheel, alongside the watchful gazes of the Ashtadikpalas and the celestial tapestry of 27 stars.